Fun and Function’s Stretch Denim Weighted Vest for Children Large (Ages Teen-Adult) – Helps Kids with Sensory Issues, Autism, ADHD, Mood, Sensory Over Responding – Gentle Compression, Weights Included

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Product Description

Fashionable Vest Feels Like A Reassuring Hug.
Providing style, compression and weight, the fashionable, Fun and Function Stretch Denim Weighted Vest has a hidden function. It has compression and is weighted to help your child focus and be more calm. The vest comes with two pounds of bean bag weights that fit in internal pockets hidden from sight, while the comfortable stretch denim provides compression that feels like a hug they receive all day.

Soothing Pressure That’s Stylish and Stretchy!

This stretchy denim vest is a fashionable hit for all ages! The material offers gentle compression just like a reassuring hug to provide steady, soothing sensory input and calming benefits for a sensory diet. Supporting kids and adults with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism, this weighted vest provides proprioceptive input to encourage calm and focus.

Includes Two Pounds of Weights.

Made using a blend of cotton denim and spandex, this stylish and comfortable vest will supply long-lasting strength and a snug, comfy fit. The interior is lined with pockets and comes with removable weights – two .5-pound weights and four .25-pound weights – for grounding proprioceptive input. Weights should be gradually adjusted, very carefully, for each individual’s needs. The standard weight to use is 5% of total body weight, and the total should never exceed 10-15% of total body weight.

Provides Soothing Compression and Weight.

Like a big, wearable hug, this Denim Weighted Compression Vest is perfect any time you need extra focus or to satisfy the wiggles. The deep pressure and balanced weight are gentle, calming and reassuring, providing steady proprioceptive feedback to help focus and self-regulate.

Adjustable Width to Fit Growing Kids.

Appropriate for ages 5 and up, this vest is available in three, width-adjustable sizes. Sides adjust for a looser or more snug fit, growing with your child while also allowing deep pressure to be intensified or removed. A front zipper makes it easy to remove or put on the vest, while the stylish design looks like regular clothing so kids can fit in with their peers.

Believing That All Kids Need to Have Fun … and Just Be Kids, Fun and Function Is Dedicated to Helping All Children Succeed!

Fun and Function was born out of a desire for change. That frustration was channeled and turned it into a passion for creating the best sensory toys and tools on the planet to improve the lives of kids with special needs. We truly care about your children and their needs. As part of our commitment to earn and maintain your trust, each product is thoughtfully and carefully designed with regard to your children’s safety and physical well-being.

Aviva Weiss is the co-founder and CEO of Fun and Function – the award-winning company dedicated to realizing each child’s fullest potential. Frustrated with the lack of kid-friendly sensory tools that would fit their family’s needs, Aviva and her husband Haskel decided to create their own to help every family. They work with a team of therapists, educators and artists to design the company’s innovative toys, games, clothing and therapy equipment to build skills and self-esteem for children of every ability. Each product is kid-friendly, affordable – and most importantly – makes a real developmental and therapeutic difference in the lives of children.

Product safety is our priority at Fun and Function. We work with factories we have personally visited, meet with their owners and, in many cases, have met their family and children. We value each supplier and work closely to insure best business standards while teaching them about the children we serve.

We are committed to the highest standards in design and functionality of each product and research each item with care and thoughtfulness each step of the way. Our staff is dedicated to reviewing new regulations in product safety in order to bring you the unique and engaging tools for you and your child.

This item of clothing was designed to meet the various sensory needs of many children. Testing was performed on the item that included lead, lead in substrate (for zippers, buttons, snaps and other accessories), and sharp edges or physical hazards. Tests were also performed on the weights to insure they are safe and lead free. Most importantly, we recognize that some of our customers are hard on our products, therefore, we also test the seams enclosing the weights to be certain they hold up well. Finally, because design is not enough, we implement robust quality control and inspections to ensure that our factories only ship products to our customers that meet these high standards.

PROPRIOCEPTIVE INPUT – Interior is lined with pockets and removable weights for grounding proprioceptive input. Excellent tool for when focus or calm is needed
THERAPEUTIC USE – Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism. Inconspicuous design allows kids to get the “hug” they crave, wherever and whenever they need it
EASY FIT – Sides adjust for a looser or more snug fit. Features front zipper, making it simple for kids to put on or remove the vest themselves. Holds up to 10 lbs. of weights
DETAILS – Size: Large. Approx. ages Teen-Adult. Vest exterior 93% cotton 7% polyester; vest lining 70% polyester 30% cotton; zipper 100% polyester. Includes 2 lbs. of weight: four 1/4 lb. weights and two 1/2 lb. weights. Additional weights sold separately. Vest weights: 100% cotton weighted with steel pellets. Remove weights when washing. Machine wash cold. Hang dry. Color: Black denim

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Fun and Function’s Stretch Denim Weighted Vest for Children Large (Ages Teen-Adult) – Helps Kids with Sensory Issues, Autism, ADHD, Mood, Sensory Over Responding – Gentle Compression, Weights Included


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